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  Founded and managed by a team of industry experts with a history of success, LEPS has been a consistent innovator in providing a one-stop solution for the protection of electronic equipment from damaging by transient overvoltage(surges).  

We truly believe the customer is the company, so we constantly monitor customers expectations and demand for top quality service, products as well as reasonable price. Your requirements are our driving force for the development and improvement of our products. This allows us to develop constantly our quality standards and new applications in order to satisfy your needs as a customer, today and in the future. It is LEPS's ultimate goal to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products in a time frame that fits their requirements.


LEPS has been intensely dedicating to one area – the design, development, and manufacture of highly reliable surge and lightning protection devices. Products you can depend on when it counts.
At LEPS, all our activities are focused on the satisfaction of our customers. LEPS offers perfect solutions for all areas of lightning and surge protection to safeguarded your sensitive electronic equipment . . A complete range from one company. Always available without problems That's what matters to the professional. And that's what LEPS means. We strive to be the Leader in Electronic Protection System and we strongly suggest you "Let your Electronics be Protected and Safeguarded" by LEPS


Quality Assurance
At LEPS, Quality Assurance is more than a department – it is a philosophy structured to meet the needs of an organization dedicated to cooperative improvement. The experience, knowledge, and depth of QA personnel combined with individual accomplishments demonstrate QA’s commitment to delivering Quality products to our customers. LEPS’ Quality System is continually reviewed to insure compliance with ISO 9001
A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
The goal of LEPS’s Quality Mission statement is attaining Total Customer Satisfaction.


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